The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Hey-yo! How is it February already? Just like that, the first month of 2017 is gone! Did you guys make the most of it?

Today I want to tell you a little about a book that has been changing my life as of late: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

I think I’m in love <3

Something you should know about me before we dive in: I’m the self-confessed “messy” person in our marriage. Now, like most “untidy” people, I didn’t set out to be this way. I just have a bit of a knack for ignoring clutter. Needless to say, cleanliness has been a bit of a recurring topic in our home!

Okay, back to the book 😉

Now this little jewel was picked up during one of our holiday shopping trips last year. As luck would have it, the dreamy yellow-green cover caught my eye as I rounded a corner at our local book store. It was the only outward facing book on a shelf full of spines. Meant to be if you ask me 😉

I walked over to get a quick read of the title and instantly thought of Adrian. Hope for him after all these years!

Inside, author Marie Kondo shares her approach to decluttering – an approach which I hadn’t come across before. New takes on common problems always make me swoon 😀

The book is an easy read and while I haven’t yet gone cover to cover, in my mind it’s the type you put to use as soon as you get the jist.

So, what’s so great about this book, you ask?

To me, the writing. While it gets more than a little repetitive a chapter or two in, Marie really had me believing that her approach could work enough so that I was willing to give it a try. And try I did!

As of writing, I’ve discarded or sold three bags of books and four bags of clothes and I feel so. much. lighter. Seriously, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

You know all those things you hear about creating space in your life, letting go of the past and making room for the present? Ya, well, turns out they’re true.

By rough estimate, I’d say I’m about a third of the way through my possessions and I haven’t lost motivation yet. In fact, I’ve gained! Positive snowball for the win 🙂 As an added bonus: Adrian will be the first to tell you just how much time I’m investing in keeping our place clean. We’ve even joked that he’s the new messy one 😮

If this post has your attention, I’ve got good news! You didn’t think this would be the end, did you?

Over the next month or two I’ll be doing a mini series on my experience with decluttering and tidying using the KonMarie Method. I’ll include my thoughts and some shots as we go along and give you a better idea of what this is all about.

For now, let me know in the comments below how you deal with clutter! Is it under control in your home? Could you stand to part with a few things? We’d love to hear from you!

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