If I Ran the World

In the last five days I’ve read one book, watched two webinars, enrolled in one online course and taken one trip each to the local library and middle school. How is all of this relevant? Well, it isn’t, except for the fact that I came across a question during my travels that really got me thinking.

If I ran the world, how exactly would I run things?


If I ran the world, we would all help each other a little more. We would smile at one another and lend a hand.

If I ran the world, every child would be raised to know their worth and their perfect imperfection. Hugs and love would be unlimited!

If I ran the world, every person would be treated as equal because every precious baby is born with the same value as the next and that value is a birth right; it’s not on the table.

If I ran the world, we would respect one another and the ebbs and flows of life. We would lean on one another during the tough times and celebrate, arm in arm, during the highs.

If I ran the world, every parent would be equipped with the knowledge and support needed to raise their child to the best of their ability.

And, if I ran the world, every Sunday would be a holiday!

While, as I’m guessing most of you know, I don’t, in fact, run the world, I do run our home (alongside Adrian, of course :p). And while we and a great many others aren’t happy with the state of certain things these days, we’re so thankful for the influence we have over our little place in the world and the space in which we raise S.

As life continues on and things happen that are out of our sphere of control, I’m grateful to know that we still have a say over how the conversation goes at home. As parents, I think that’s such a powerful tool and something we should keep in our daily toolbox.

Now, we’re all great at voicing our thoughts over current events, but have you ever stopped to think how you would run things if you ran the world? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you 😀

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