The Sleep Sense Program: Sleep training progress update


So it’s been two weeks since I wrote about how and why I made the jump to sleep training. I’d say it’s about time for an update, wouldn’t you?

Two weeks later. Where we at?



Where we were before sleep training – BST:

I slept in our bed with S. Adrian slept on the couch. S and I would be up a handful of times before 10pm and three to five times after. We’d average 3 to 4 feedings a night.

Where we’re at now – AST:

S sleeps in her crib for the better part of 12 hours each night. She wakes a couple of times most nights but quickly puts herself back to sleep. Whenever she needs us, we go to her. We’ve fed her twice in the night in two weeks.

How we got here:

Following The Sleep Sense program, we stayed in S’s room a total of nine nights, moving the chair closer to the door every fourth night.

The night after my last post was written – night three of sleep training – S slept TEN hours in a row. WHAT! Her previous record had been seven hours. Once! Back in September! Winning.

On the tenth night, last Monday, we laid S in her crib and left the room. The chair was done!

This was tough.

After a difficult night or two with lots of visits and loving reassurances, S now falls asleep happily and willingly on her own. I’d add too that the trigger effect of her bedtime routine seems to have multiplied. The cherry on top 😉



BST: S would nap in the carrier for 20 to 40 minutes at a time. Longer in the car seat if we were lucky.

AST: S takes two to three naps a day in her crib for 30 to 120 minutes each time. I sit in her room with her until she falls asleep.

How we got here:

We took the same approach to naps as nights.

On the third day of leaving the room, I reintroduced the chair. Judgment call to make life easier and happier for the little lady and me.

Seriously! For all you newbie parents out there: Parenting Tip Number One! Inform yourself, read lots, but always, always do what works best for your family. You won’t regret it. I promise <3

And there you have it! You’re up to speed on all the sleep being had in the Scott house.

Worth the wait, amiright?

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